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Dave Tye's Kestrel - 264hp from 1600cc

Has got to be the most powerful 1600cc Clubbie around.

Click here to download the full story

6000km in 6 days- The adventures of Kestrel 7

Now you have your Clubbie, it's time for some real fun, on the track.

This article details the steps involved in getting to the track for a "Super Sprint"


The History and Build Stories of The Sirius Sports 7

The Physics of Racing

The how's, why's and wherefore's of punting a car around a track... the entire Physics of Racing Series (PhoRS) by Brian Beckman, PhD. An excellent series of articles essential for anyone heading to the track, covering weight transfer, traction, braking, cornering forces

4AGEZ Supercharger

A bit old now for registered street use, but an option for race cars. Also a possible option to supercharge other engines



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Unit Calculator

Gear ratio & speed calculator
Hp to Kw, lbf-ft to N-m etc
Excellent tools thanks to Peter Ogden's Clubman Builders Resource site

A couple of calculators and links to handling/suspension related articles

Suspension calculator

Bump Steer calculator

Load Test

Handling Article

AFCO Tech pages on suspension

Video Files

Beware this a 16.5Mb file

Right-click the following link and select "save as" Moto Vision clip


Motokhana action

Right-click the following link and select "save as" Sensational action from Chris Evans in the UK






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